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Calibration, Testing & Repair Services

Calibration and Testing Laboratory of Sun Creation Engineering Limited (SCE) offers conformance testing services for customer premises equipment (CPE) to be used in Hong Kong. The laboratory also provides calibration and testing services for various types of instruments to the public.

In addition, the Company would also like to introduce a Superior Calibration Testing & Repair Services Package. SCE will work to serve your valuable customers.

CPE Testing Calibration Lab Repair Service
CPE Testing Calibration Repair

With our experienced staff and sophisticated testing instruments, you can be assured of the best quality services of calibration, CPE testing and repair.

The laboratory has been certified by a number of accreditation bodies, including the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS), International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 and Office of the Communications Authority's (OFCA) recognized testing agency (RTA). The three major areas of service are:

  • Calibration for a wide range of equipment (including electrical, mechanical, temperature/relative humidity instruments).

  • CPE testing for vendor-supplied CPEs include:

    • Facsimile transceiver (FAX)
    • Interactive voice response system (IVRS)
    • Keyline telephone system (KTS)
    • Private automatic branch exchange (PABX)
    • Telephone
    • Cordless telephone
    • Modem
    • Asynchronous digital subscriber line (ADSL) modem
    • Routers
    For approval/certification of equipment connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

  • Repair service for a various types of instruments including general testers, radio frequency equipment, power supply units, optic equipment, etc.


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