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Calibration, Testing & Repair Services

Repair & Other Services


Network / Telecommunication Equipment Repairs
  • Datacom and Optical Network Equipment
Data Network Equipment Data Network Equipment Optical Network Unit Optical Network Unit
  • Transmission and Switching Equipment
Optical Equipment Optical Equipment Digital Switch Equipment Digital Switching Equipment
  • Payphones
Public Payphone Public Payphone Private Payphone Private Payphone
  • Carphone and Computer
Car Phone Service Area Carphone Service Area PC & Accessories Repair PC & Accessories Repair

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Instrument Repair Services

Type of Equipment

1. General Test Equipment:
  • Power Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Digitizing, Storage and Conventional Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator, Synthesized Signal Generator
  • Frequency or Universal Counters
  • Digital Multimeters
2. RF Equipment:
  • Power and Strength Meters
  • Mobile Radio Test Set
3. Data Testing Equipment:
  • Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT)
  • Network Testers
  • Protocol Analyzers
  • T1 Pattern/Error Testset
  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Equipment
  • Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Testers
  • Data Communication Testset
4. Optical Equipment:
  • Optical Light Source
  • Optical Power Meters
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometers
5. Fiber Jointing Equipment:
  • Splicing Machines
  • Fiber Cleavers
  • Hot Strippers
6. Cabling Tools:
  • Jointing Machines
  • Digital Manometers
  • Helium Detectors
General Test Equipment General Test Equipment
RF Equipment RF Equipment
Data Testing Equipment Data Testing Equipment
Fiber Jointing Equipment Fiber Jointing Equipment

Quality of Service
  • ISO9001:2000
  • Turn-around time is 14 days
  • Repeat fault rate is less than 1 percent (within three months)
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Superior Calibration, Testing & Repair Services Package

This superior service package offered by the laboratory aims to provide a total solution to our clients with services of equipment calibration, testing and repair. There will be an agreement on a business plan/model between both companies that one-stop shopping service is supported by the laboratory and offered to the equipment vendors/manufacturers.

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Other Support Services

  • Projects and Fabrication
Computer Aid Circuitry Design Computer Aid Circuitry Design Telecommunication Project Design Telecommunication Project Design
  • Telecommunication Mechanical Works Design and Fabrication
Mechanical Engineering Works
Mechanical Engineering Works

Equipment Rack Fabricate & Installation
Equipment Rack Fabricate & Installation

Calibration and Repair           Service Application Form Download Calibration & Repair Service Application Form

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